Paul Roberts - Gary Kinney - Ahnie Peeples - Amanda Burks - Justin Martin

Phone: 701-500-1810

Psychward Tattoo: ARTISTS

Paul Roberts - Owner/Artist

Gary Kinney - Artist/Piercer

Ahnie Peeples - Artist

Amanda Burks - Artist


Justin Martin - Artist


Founded Psychward Tattoo, is an award-winning tattoo artist. He is a painter, a sculptor, a woodworker and an avid cyclist.

Interesting fact: Paul once pedaled the Mississippi Trail from the Minnesota headwaters to New Orleans

Semi-retired founder of the Fineline Tattoo shops in New England, Gary chose Psychward Tattoo as his tattoo shop in North Dakota.

Painting. Sculpting. Taxidermy. Costuming...Gary excels at every creative task he focuses on.

Interesting fact: Every Halloween, the Kinneys, create an Haunted Church exhibit and invite everyone to visit, it is a hit for kids and parents who get to walk through and see the amazing horror-themed sculptures and figures, Gary, and his family create.


1500 S. Broadway Minot, ND

Liz Pavlicek‍‍‍‍‍‍ - Artist