Psychward Tattoos and Piercings is located 1500 South Broadway in Minot, ND., just behind the Pita Pit restaurant.‍‍‍

We are a professional, friendly, fun bunch of tattoo artists dedicated to bringing the finest lines, shading, portraits, old school, new school, and custom artwork to North Dakota.

We have created a comfortable shop, where you can ask questions and not feel left out of the conversation. We take tattooing serious...and that's about it.

We give respect and leave the attitude at the door. What we do bring is talent, experience, and amazing art.

Feel free to look over our recent work, here, in our online portfolios.

Space is open for the RIGHT tattoo artist.
We are looking for experienced, motivated, creative, professional, friendly, talented, drama-free, humble, interesting, dedicated, artists with a sense of humor.
Our shop is fast-paced, loud, fun, friendly, interesting, crammed with talent and experience, and busy-as-HELL.
So, if you are interested in a change of scenery, can handle the weather, are willing to put your nose to the grindstone and work like a person who owes the mob money, then give us a call. 701-500-1810

We DO NOT, repeat...DO NOT, provide estimates for tattoos over email or phone. Any rough estimates are the opinion of the person you are speaking with and may not be the actual final cost of the work provided. Please, visit our shop for a personalized estimate by our professional tattoo artists.

All disposable, one-use, needles and tubes.


The shop and the artists are NOT responsible for misspelled words, names, dates or meanings of words, phrases or symbols.
Please be responsible and make sure things are correct before they are permanently placed on your body.

701-500-1810, Call anytime.

Minot : 701-500-1810  

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1500 S. Broadway Minot, ND